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Fibonacci Shade – Gold Pendant Light


The Fibonacci Shade is a 3d printed lampshade with a metalised coating. Its geometry is created using the Fibonacci sequence which is named after the famous Italian mathematician Leonardo of Pisa. The Fibonacci sequence is used in mathematics and various algorithms. It also appears in biological settings, such as branching in trees, the arrangement of leaves on a stem, the fruit sprouts of a pineapple, the flowering of an artichoke, an uncurling fern and the arrangement of a pine cone’s bracts. The design is a marriage of the mathematical connotations and natural creations of the sequence. The gold finish also pays homage to the sequences link to the golden ratio used by many twentieth-century artists and architects, including Le Corbusier and Salvador Dali.

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The shade is made from impact resistant polycarbonate plastic with a golden metalised finish. The chord is fabric covered on premium quality lighting cable that curls and coils beautifully.

Supplied in individual boxes – 254mm x 254mm x203mm single wall cardboard boxes.

Technical Details:
Light source: GU10 lamp base (lamp not included). Chord length provided as standard 1000mm.

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Dimensions25 × 25 × 20 cm


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