Supernova! ( aka the tight light :)

What do you get when you cross a pair of XXXL tights, a plastic fish bowl and a lamp? A supernova. Its not a joke, its actually technically true if you are referring to the Norris Green Design product called supernova.

I wanted a big organic glowing pendant for my stairway at home. I began sketching out shapes in an old sketchpad and I came across some drawings Id done of black holes back at University whilst researching Leonardo Da vinci. I still find black holes fascinating and some of the images you see which try to represent them look brilliant. I started figuring out how I could re-create the form. (I have to confess this isn’t actually my sketch, I couldn’t find it anywhere when I came to write this blog post, its very similar though).


I tried a few things which didn’t work and then had the brain wave. What about stretch fabric? I grabbed a pair of tights and started to stretch them around things. Eventually I stretched them around a plastic fish bowl. It looked great and really re-created that curving funnel shape that’s often used to represent a black hole. It was quite small though, the size of a football (a soccer ball If your reading in the US).

Supernova light

I had a large plastic sphere lying around which I was attempting to turn into a spherical version of the Solar eclipse design (still an ongoing labor of love). No way was a normal pair of tights stretching around it though. I was using my Mums garage as a workshop at the time and I asked her to get me a pair of XXXL tights whilst she was out shopping. My Mum is about 5’6″ and slender so it was quite amusing that she had to go and buy some XXXL tights! I wrestled these tights over the globe (its actually quite physically demanding stretching the tights over a large globe, even the XXXL ones!) and the tight light/supernova was born! As I understand it a supernova is a pre-cursor to a black hole hence the name and at an early stage in the supernova a star collapses in on itself, which the pendants form represents. Although in our house its still gets called the tight light.

I still use the same seamless nylon material that is used to manufacture tights and I use a clear globe, although I use glass rather than plastic. I also had to modify the design to comply with BS/EU luminaire design standards but its still essentially the same concept as the original tight light!

Supernova and tight light


Check out my Supa Nova “Pendant Light

By Product Stories on January 31, 2018

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